Leansite to release its online Gantt Chart FREE of charge

Leansite to release its online Gantt Chart FREE of charge

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Friday, 12 May 2017 06:47

To celebrate Leansite’s first birthday, we decided to gift everyone a fantastic Project Management Tool.
Yes, our “Masterplan” (an online Gantt Chart packed with awesome features) will be made available as a stand-alone product, free to use, no strings attached.


The Point on Gantt Charts.

Gantt charts are incredibly valuable tools. Free Gantt charts are hard to come by and Microsoft still rules the Gantt Chart space with its premium-paid MS Project.
Popular Project Management Softwares like Asana, do not come with good scheduling tools. In fact, there is plenty of people looking for “Asana Gantt Charts” but that need has not been fulfilled yet.
Today, there is only a handful of products that let you try a resemblance of fully working FREE Gantt Chart… and they are usually limited to one project or a certain number of tasks.
We want to do better than that.


Giving back to our Community

During this first year of development, we learned a lot from our users. The experience we made with them has been really valuable.
As we are adding more functionalities to the Leansite core Product, we believe it is good to give back to our Community, without asking anything in return.
Scheduling is the cornerstone of Project Management and, by giving out our Gantt Chart for free, we are offering everyone the opportunity to improve the results of any Project, without investing additional capital.
This is the kind of change we like to see and to be part of.


What you can do with it

Although Leansite is built with the Construction Industry in mind, you can use our online free Gantt Chart Tool pretty much for every kind of Project.

You can easily create tasks and assign start/end dates and durations. You can set the relationships between tasks and you can reposition/re-schedule them quickly by dragging them on the chart.

You will be able to use it to schedule your own Projects, without limit of number or usage time. The only limit we are going to apply is the possibility to share the Project with other members of your Team. In order to do that you must have an active subscription to the Leansite core Product.

If you are one of those looking for cheap excel based Gantt Chart solutions, you can now stop searching and focus on getting your job done… you are not going to find any better than FREE :)


When you will get it

At the moment we are working on separating Masterplan from the core Product and this will take a few weeks. We plan to be ready in summer to release Masterplan as a fully featured online Gantt chart stand-alone product.

If you want to be informed when that happens, leave us your email in the box on top of this page.


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