The Easiest Construction Management Tools Suite

The Easiest Construction Management Tools Suite

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Monday, 24 April 2017 03:11

Most of the construction business is run with MS Project and Excel. These tools are good for scheduling your Project... but how do you handle all the other activities that come with a construction Project?


How do you handle communications? do you handle files and documents for the entire Project? do you make sure that you do not lose or misplace information?

A Construction Management Suite of software Tools is the solution you need.


A Suite of Software Tools must make your life easier.

The primary goal of a Suite of software Tools is to make your life easier.
It should not be necessary for you to spend days (or weeks!!!) to learn how to use the program. If that is the case, you are probably considering the wrong program.

Also, if the program has a lot of features that you will never use, probably it is not the right program for your business.
Many software tools offer a huge variety of features and it is very time-consuming to learn to use them all.
When you have features that you don't need, you will also spend time trying to figure out which are (and where are) the few features that you should use… in short, too many features are a total waste of time.

Yes, it is a good idea to abandon your Excel based Project Management habits in favor of a new Project Management style built on a dedicated software. However, this doesn't mean that you have to learn again to ride the bicycle.
All you need is to find a software that upgrades your combo “MS Project Gantt Chart + Excel” to a more integrated and reliable system while leaving out all the useless whistles that you don't need.

We developed Leansite with the clear goal of offering a set of tools intuitive to use and highly effective, covering all the functions necessary for the good management of a Construction Project.
We wanted to leave out everything that was not essential. We wanted to have a clean user interface with controls easy to access and a simple, yet powerful, workflow.

Simple is effective.
Simple saves time.
We decided to make Leansite simple so you can get productive in just a few hours and see results as soon as you start using it.

Really, using Leansite Masterplan is not very different from using Microsoft Project… if you are an MS Project user, it will take no time for you to transition to our software.

The transition is easy but it comes with many benefits.
For example: once the Project information is inside Leansite, you can access it from anywhere and you can link all the Project documents to any task you created in the system.
Also, Leansite Workplan provides a very effective way to stay on top of daily activities.
Not only you are able to see the activities on a Kanban board, you are also able to attach files and discussions to each activity and to assign them to people, directly into our system.
This way everyone in the Team knows what everyone else is doing and there is no activity which can be left behind.
All this without ever leaving our Construction Management Tools Suite!

A good Suite of Software Tools must become addictive.

When you decide to switch from email and Excel (and the other many softwares you are using) to ONE Suite of software Tools, you must make sure that you are going to use it.

Sadly, it is very common for businesses to adopt new software solutions just to forget them a few weeks after the adoption and switch back to the old ways. It is very hard to change habits and it is very hard to get people onboard with new solutions, even if the new solutions are better than the previous ones.

Here at Leansite we did everything with the user in mind so that ease of use is not an issue. Everyone can use it… it is like using Facebook!

Once you discovered the great potential of our integrated discussion board, it will become hard to refrain from posting every little update about the Project.

Yes, we made it easy to share updates, thoughts, images from the construction site.
Yes, this is a great benefit for you and for your Project.
Leansite will speed up communications and will make easier for you to follow everything in real time... exactly as it happens.

Every day, the Workplan view will give you a clear picture of what's going on on the construction site, of what is on schedule and what is behind.
You will use that information to reschedule your priorities and to give instructions to your Team.
...and you can do all this without ever leaving the application!

It is fantastic.
No more emails, no more phone calls, no more instant messaging with your crew on site.
Everything now happens inside ONE Construction Management Tools Suite.

We made Leansite for you. We made it simple so that you can try and immediately fall in love with it. 


Give it a TRY!

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