Can a Construction Management Software Boost Your Business?

Can a Construction Management Software Boost Your Business?

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 10:27

We won't be here saying that a simple Construction Business Software can boost the productivity of your Company and make you more money.
We will just tell you the facts and you can then make up your own mind.



Clear Inputs.

When you start a Project with the total freedom of the deciding whatever you want, you tend to rush and you might end up approaching the matter always in a different way. You can take a piece of paper and started scribbling down all your options, ending up with a huge list of items and notes which are impractical to manage. it will probably take you hours to organize all that information in a way to make sense of it.
Other times you can just make a very simple scheme without going too much into details. While this has the advantage of being simple, it really lacks in accuracy and it is not very useful for the implementation of the Project.

For a software to work correctly, you need to give clear inputs. This forces you to follow always the same procedure and to take the time to think which are the most important steps of the Project. Defining inputs for a Project schedule takes a lot of time and focus. If you wish to see a practical example, you can have a look at this article where we discuss the best way to make time estimates for your Gantt charts.

There is no way around it: you need to define those inputs... and you need to be very clear about it.
While this might seem an extra effort at first, it brings a lot of clarity that will become useful in the next stages of the Project. 


Clear Outputs.

When you don't have a software, you tend to treat outputs in the same way you treat inputs: in a rush and compliant to bare minimum standards.
This is not to be seen as a major fault, after all, stakeholders care about the results, so you don't spend too much time creating beautiful planning document.
Yes, plans are just for to the implementation of the Project, hence if you have to create them by hand (or with a poorly automated process) you tend to make a very sketchy version and in most cases, you end up with something which is incomplete and not very clear.

A Construction Management Software is specially designed to provide you with a good graphic representation of the Project Schedule end of the Project Workflow. When you run your construction business with a specific software you are forced to use a system and you get in return a standardized output which is easy to share and easily understandable by all the stakeholders.

This makes your life much easier.


Everything is in its Place.

When you work without automation, you can organize your work pretty much as you want.
Unfortunately, this freedom sometimes can hurt your Business as you can end up organizing your documents every time in a different way and in a different place. This creates chaos which, later when you have to sort out the documents you need, results in a waste of time.

A Construction Business Software keeps all the documents organized, exactly where they should be. It makes a lot easier not to misplace things, for everyone on the Team.
Also, all the documents are accessible from out of the office and from any device so you can easily view the Project's information even when you are on the construction site. 

Should you not use a Construction Management System like Leansite yet, you might want to have a look at this article that explains how to manage documents in the best way.


Everything is Connected.

A good Construction Management Software links everything together.
This means that documents are linked to activities, activities are linked to tasks and everything can be displayed on the Project chart correctly and with no extra effort.
In the Construction business, proper handling of information is vital for a good implementation of Projects. A good software, which makes possible a faster use of that information, can lead to a better implementation of the project.


Everyone is Informed.

Not only everything is connected but also every member of the Team has access to the information in real time and from anywhere on any device.
As opposite of working on paper from the office, this is a great advantage. The benefit is that the risk of someone using outdated documents or not being informed of the latest decisions is reduced to a minimum.

Remember that Teamwork is made easier by sharing small wins on a daily basis. Teamwork does not happen randomly, you have to create the conditions for it. You can find more information on the matter in this article about communication and Teamwork.

Remember that, as a matter of fact, a Construction Business Software improves Teamwork and reduces effectively the risk of human error.


Everyone Saves Time.

Since all the information is laid down correctly, all the files and documents are in the right place and they are all connected, everyone has access to them... it is very easy and quick to find any information whenever the need arises.
This, over the time of implementation of the Project, saves an enormous amount of time.


Clarity Works.

Clarity is one of the most important ingredients for the success of a Project.
Clarity can save days that would be otherwise wasted in solving organizational and management matters. Clarity can save you from having to re-do things. Clarity can impress your clients and create a positive image of you and your Business.

A Construction Management Software provides clarity and, if you run a small or midsize Business, you can benefit greatly from added Clarity.


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