In 2017 every Contractor will absolutely do this

In 2017 every Contractor will absolutely do this

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Monday, 27 March 2017 02:39

While Contractors are facing the rise of prices and the shortage of qualified labor, smart construction solutions are on the verge of booming and the Internet of Things is about to bring a revolution in the Construction industry.
This is a perfect scenario for innovation to take place and finally it is going to happen...

They say this year will bring about new trends in Construction. Folks at "Construction Dive" wrote that Modular Buildings will be one of the trends in Construction Industry in 2017. We know that modular construction is synonymous of speed and we can then expect less hours spent on site and more coordination work from the management folks. Yes, this means more work for you sitting in the office.

They also say that the Internet of Things will come to save us, providing monitoring capabilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Drone survey, worker's tracking, tool tracking... these are just a few of the many possibilities that will be available very soon.

If these predictions are right, we are will be facing one inevitable fact: larger and faster flow of information to handle.


The Need to Work Smarter

As construction works move faster, the amount of information me we have to deal with will increase drastically. If you take into consideration the information generated by various sensors and smart machines, we are talking about an increase of many times.
Nobody wants to deal with more paperwork or more numbers... and that is precisely why we are building smart systems that can handle information and figures much better than we do.

Note that the Construction Industry is notoriously known to be unwilling to change. However, this change process is driven by the right reason and that is why experts say it will definitely take place.

Can you guess what the right reason is?

...the need to be more efficient.


In practice, competition in the construction field (and a little bit in every industry) reached such level to force Contractors to find faster solutions for building. Faster = more done in the same time = more money in the same time.  As a natural consequence of this evolution, we are reaching a level of information flow where humans have troubles keeping up.

We used to work with paper to-do lists and schedules, printed documentation, printed work orders... it all changes so fast that today we cannot afford anymore the luxury of printing... without counting the cost of the paper itself!

We need to be faster and we need to spend less. That is why, in 2017, many Contractors will spend less money on paper and more money in planning and communication systems.


Are you prepared to the big change?

It is going to be like the Gold Rush again. It is going to involve planning, scheduling, working with files rather than paper, handling communications on mobile devices.
Those who are not ready for it will be left behind and their margins will shrink and shrink until financial death will occur.
Those who will embrace this informational revolution will see their contracts prosper and will establish a good advantage on the competition.

Well, these are the predictions of experts for the year 2017... if it sounds scary you better start investigating for a software able to help you in this transition period... and of course Leansite is here to help you!


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