7 Reasons You Need a Mobile App to Manage Projects

7 Reasons You Need a Mobile App to Manage Projects

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Monday, 20 March 2017 03:55

They told you that Mobile Apps are good because the World needs to go paperless; that a Mobile App will lower costs for your Company; that you need to start using that App on the Construction Site.
You have been told many things... and here are 7 selfish reasons why YOU probably want to push for that Mobile Management App.
See for yourself...

Worrying about the Planet, the trees, the endless storage space for useless documents... it is all good and noble.
However, it does not change much from your own perspective. In the end of the day, all you want is to do your job well and to make the most of your time at work. This is exactly what a Mobile App for Construction can do for you.


1. Free From the Office

AKA: be more out and enjoy the fresh air!

The chance of leaving your desk for a healthy trip on-site is very appealing. Unfortunately, you often have to pass on this opportunity because you have paperwork to do, workplans to update, instructions to give.
When you switch your planning and management system to a real Mobile Construction Management Suite, this problem no longer exists and you are free to move from your desk.
Going mobile is a beautiful feeling.


2. Free From Laptops

AKA: travel light and stop moving around like a mule!

Everywhere you go you have to carry with you your bulky laptop... aren't you tired of it yet?
You want to be on top of your things and you need to be in control. Emails, communications from the construction site, drawings, photos, questions, discussion... it is all in that bulky piece of hardware.
But what if it was all accessible from your smartphone?
As a matter of fact, it can be. With a real Mobile Construction Management Suite, you can leave the laptop in the office and still have all your documents available at the tip of your fingers.


3. Access Info on the Go

AKA: be super productive no matter where you are!

Since all files and communications are stored into the Mobile Construction Management Suite, you can access everything quickly. Every time you need.
It might feel unreal to be wondering around, far from the office, with no laptop... and still be 100% productive. That is the mobile way of doing things. 
More and more Managers are switching to Mobile Management, with great improvement in their lifestyle and life-work balance.
Do not stay behind. It is time to join the Mobile Revolution.


4. Log Issues as You See Them

AKA: save time and get things moving!

You no longer need to collect info on paper (or on some note taking app) and spend time later in the office to transfer that info in your management system.
When you switch to a Mobile Construction Management Suite, your management system is with you at all times. This means the notes you take, the photos you shot, the adjustments you make to the schedule... they all are final and logged immediately into the real system.
It saves you a great deal of time!


5. Gather All Info in One Place

AKA: save even more time and never forget anything!

When all the info you write down goes straight into the Managment System, there is no risk of leaving anything behind. Moreover, having everything in on place makes finding things much easier.
Also, your Team members can access information quickly and they can comment and share new pieces of info.
The number of emails is cut virtually to zero. The time spent moving and reorganizing files and info is also virtually null.
Mobile Construction Management Suite can really change the way you work.


6. Keep the Office in the Loop

AKA: delegate faster and go home earlier!

No matter where you are, every time you insert info into the Mobile Construction Management Suite everyone has immediate access to it.
This means that in the office people can be made aware of the on-site situation in real time, as things happen. All your findings can be shared instantly with engineers and solutions can be discussed and found faster.
This way of working is truly more efficient and time effective.


7. Train Workers

AKA: have eyes everywhere!

Last, you want to set an example for your workers on site and show them how you take advantage of a Mobile Construction Management Suite.
When they know how to use it, they'll be your eyes on the construction site. Good and trained workers can report to you in real time with comments and images. The whole project can more to another level of implementation if the workers are empowered with the right tools.
In 2017 the tools to be used on-site are not limited to hammers and drills.



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