7 Crucial Signs You Need a Construction Management Software

7 Crucial Signs You Need a Construction Management Software

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Monday, 13 February 2017 04:14

Perhaps you are still handling Projects with pen and paper but you surely noticed it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the fast pace of construction industry. The need for speed made old tools obsolete and today you need a digital system in order to stay on top of your construction project.
Here is a checklist for you to evaluate when it is time to leave pen and paper behind...

1. Poor Quality of Built Asset

This is by far the worse thing it can happen.
Poorly executed works can result in catastrophic consequences for your Company. Dismantling is an expensive operation, let alone the extra budget for direct and indirect damages. The cost of poorly executed works can exceed the cost of any other form of inefficiency.
Poor quality is usually the result of poor monitoring, poor feedback, poor communication.
Investing in the training of workforce and supervision will help to prevent this kind of disaster from happening.

A good Construction Management Software can set quality on the right track by facilitating reporting of issues on site and by scheduling recurrent quality controls.

2. Going Over Budget

Budget is the preferred word by Investors and Stakeholders. As long as the budget is met, you are in safe territory.
Other inefficiencies can be tolerated but going over budget can have serious consequences on your reputation and career (unless the budget was wrong in the first place).
A project generally goes over budget due to repeated inefficiencies or due to one single big mistake. Those inconveniences are generally a direct consequence of poor planning or poor follow-up on construction activities.

A good Construction Management Software can help you to make a good plan and it can make your life easier when it comes to updating and following up on the plan (Gantt charting capabilities).

3. Going Over Time (missing deadlines)

While everything else can be bought, there is no fix for loosing time.
Missing deadlines is an indicator of bigger problems and it might lead to issues with quality and budget.
Keeping deadlines under control is the number one required skill for Project Managers and Site Managers. It is easy to track (you are either on time or you are not) and it gives a direct measure of the overall direction of the project (success or failure). For this reason missing a deadline is considered a VERY bad event and it is seen as a big WARNING sign.

A good Construction Management Software can keep you on track with a visual representation of Tasks and Activities and it can help you to spot bottlenecks as they form (Kanban board capabilities).

4. Unorganized Project Information

If your documents are poorly organized, it is only matter of time before your sloppiness gets into your own way.
Misplacing information or material generates lots of time waste and confusion. Let alone the stress you have to deal with every time something goes missing.
Generally, who suffers from this organization problem is quite good at keeping it as a secret. However, during the implementation of a project (especially a large one), the true nature of everyone involved becomes quite evident. 

A good Construction Management Software can provide you the necessary structure to hold together the project information. In many cases, digital copies can fully replace paper ones and, even where not possible, you always have quick access to files and the possibility to reprint them on the fly. The time wasted in sorting document or looking for them is easily reduced to zero when using a good digital system.

5. Poor Communication

This is one of the root causes of all problems.
Until information is flowing quickly on the construction site and back to you, all issues can be handled. When information ceases to move, issues begin transforming into problems.

A good Construction Management Software comes with integrated discussion boards that make instant communication effortless and easier for anyone on the Team.

6. Unclear Responsibilities

This is another reason that quickly brings to failure.
Lack of clarity in duties and responsibilities is paid at a high price on the construction site. It usually results in the lack of quality or delays in execution... both problems you do not want to deal with.
Establishing clarity on WHO-DOES-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE is absolutely a priority.

A good Construction Management Software can make this task easier by giving you the possibility to assign resources to specific activities. Once all the Team has access to the system, it becomes evident who is in charge of what. Also, feedbacks can be integrated into the system and you can benefit of greater and faster clarity.

7. Stress

Last but not last, stress is a clear indicator of things not going the way they should go.
Even if your project is progressing beautifully, experiencing stress is a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard. In order to keep things running for as long as necessary, you need to have the mental and physical energy to remain focused.

With the variety of tools discussed above, a good Construction Management Software can help you a great deal to lower the pressure on your nerves and leave space for happy thoughts.

You can try Leansite for free and see for yourself the great benefits you can quickly achieve in terms of:

  • speed and quality of planning; 
  • speed and clarity of communication;
  • organization of documents and information;
  • flexibility and mobility.


Leansite is a great software for running you construction site. You should try it out!

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