Why You cannot manage Projects via Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger

Why You cannot manage Projects via Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger

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Monday, 06 February 2017 03:38

Over the last 10 years, we had one single major lifestyle change: we are always connected.
Smartphones became part of the way we interact with the World and they can be a powerful tool to boost our productivity.

But there is a catch...


Always ready to get distracted

Among email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ ... the average person receives hundreds of notification each day.
This without counting direct messaging services such as Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.
You might even have a few of your favorite Apps that are not on this list...

Each beep and buzz is a claim on your limited attention. Each notification forces you to make a choice: ignore it and keep doing what is that you are doing OR take out the smartphone and check what's new in the World.

This mechanism, repeated hundreds of times each day, taps into your reserve of willpower and it can seriously raise your overall stress level.
In fact, numerous studies show that willpower is limited. We wake up with a full tank of willpower and we end the day with no willpower left, therefore we shall choose wisely where we decide to spend it. Wasting willpower on frivolous choices is a very bad strategy for acing life.

Reducing the number of choices you have to make in one day can be incredibly beneficial to your well being.
But it is not only that...

Once you get your hands on the smartphone, you open the notification and you are taken instantly on the application's "stream". The never-ending scrolling of images and text is designed to be addictive and, before you know it, you lose touch with reality and you are trapped scrolling for several minutes.
It takes another choice to break it off and bring your attention back where it was before the notification.

Now, multiply this by a hundred times per day and you can begin to understand the effect it plays on your well being...


Focus on what is important NOW

The infinite scrolling is an addictive feature that can almost hypnotize us. It works by leveraging the natural mechanism of dopamine release. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts on our levels of arousal. In other words, the infinite scrolling can have the same rewarding effect of accomplishing something remarkable... or even having sex.

When all applications are designed to use this natural "hook", the easiest method you have to break free is to stop using them for the time you want absolute concentration on an important task.

Here are three simple tips that will reduce your stress level by keeping untapped your willpower and increasing your productivity:

  • mute notifications: although obvious, most people I know do not do this and find themselves to battle continuously with vibrations on their desk or in their pockets. You can mute notification by completely shutting off your phone or just by lowering ringtone and vibration. However, the most effective way is to use the DO-NOT-DISTURB mode built into the smartphone. While in this mode, you will still be reachable via regular calls, therefore available for a Client, your Boss or a member of your family.

  • check notifications every 45 minutes: once in a while, take a break and allow yourself to check what's going on outside. A scheduled break does not use any willpower (it is a decision you already made) and it can be beneficial to restoring your focus. Keep it short, 5 minutes will do.
    NOTE: If you have a desk job, I warmly suggest you to even close the email program and to open it only every 45 minutes. Email is today one of the most effective productivity-killers (if you think otherwise you should seriously get some education on the topic).

  • separate work applications from social applications: this is the last step to boost your productivity and bring down the stress to zero. Separating work application from leisure ones allow doing three things: (1) switching off unnecessary apps while keeping of those you use for work; (2) put yourself in WORK MODE every time you look at the work application; (3) get rid of temptations.


Important: you have to surrender to the idea that notifications can wait. This is the only way you can experience true freedom from your smartphone.
Nothing so important is happening out there that you must know immediately. Everything can wait 45 minutes.
If you buy into this concept and you try for one day, you will immediately experience levels of productivity you did not think possible. This will motivate you to be even more productive and, before you know it, working becomes effortless and your Boss is congratulating you as the best employee ever.


Explore your options

Using the right application at the right time is crucial to generating results. Exploring your options is vital for your growth.
Make it your mission to insist having the right applications for your work. If your Boss does not agree with your point of view, it is worth to spend time discussing why a particular application is good for you and why it would be good for the Company. Personally, I spent hours arguing that handling my emails on Gmail makes me more productive than using Outlook (Company's choice). Eventually, I got the permission of using Gmail and I am now the only one in the office who can truly work from anywhere and on any device.

For me, being able to work remotely is priceless.
Of course, Gmail is only one of many applications that make this possible. As a matter of fact, using an email program to handle productive tasks is not the best choice (remember what said above about using the right application at the right moment and avoid distractions).

On my smartphone you will find other valuable tools. Leansite application makes it on top of the list.
When I am on DO-NOT-DISTURB mode, Leansite remains on while all other apps are on standby. This ensures I have uninterrupted chunks of time where I can work at my best while staying connected to what matters at the moment.


leansite app


Not only Leansite keeps me in constant touch with my colleagues at the office or on the construction site, it also keeps into my pocket all the files and communications I might need to discuss with the Client. 

Having a dedicated application for sharing work related material has deeply changed the way I work and how productive I am. It is truly outstanding.

Leansite made productivity on- the-go easy for us. You should try it out!

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