Teamwork: the essential ingredient in your Project

Teamwork: the essential ingredient in your Project

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Behind every remarkably executed Project there is a great Team. You can't just pull it off alone.
Perhaps hundreds of years ago it was possible to be excellent while working solo, but today (in our hyper-connected and hyperactive World) you need a Team to make things happen fast and according to the plan.

So how does a great Team work???


Why is Teamwork important 

Technology has changed our lives in ways that we could never imagine.
Changes in the flow of information shaped our World and bought us to run our everyday routine at a pace that just 200 years ago was unthinkable.

Before the invention of the telegraph, information used to travel at the speed of a horse. Although the telegraph was invented in 1832, it took almost 30 years to have a fully working system capable of covering long distance communication (West to East Coast in US). As you can see, things were moving pretty slow at the time.
The establishment of this telegraph line brought to an end the Pony Express Service.

In the same way, the radio invented by Marconi in 1895, brought the telegraph to shut down operations. It took 25 years to have the first radio station broadcasting a news program ( 31 August 1920, the first known radio news program was broadcast by station 8MK in Detroit, Michigan).

Since then, the radio was used for communications over ground and air and profoundly shaped the way we have been living until the end of the last century. Now the flow of information was not anymore point-to-point, it became point-to-masses. People became more informed and more reactive to events happening far from them. This phenomenon was amplified further with the advent of television in 1929. Then the Internet came.

It took about 20 years for the Internet to establish his domain onto our World. Today we are fully connected and information travels from masses-to-masses.

But what does all this have to do with Teamwork?

Easy, as information began to move instantly from A to B, we began to expect an instant result by any other human activity. Talking about Projects: information about changes, feedbacks, mistakes, began to reach its destination instantaneously leading to the shrinking of implementation time.
As implementation time shrank, we began to need more than to hands to make things happen. We began to need more than one brain.

Today good things do not happen with a one-man-band. A good Team is the key to a shining success.


Teamwork does not just happen

Teamwork does not happen overnight.
A good Team is made of good people and it is essential that those people trust each other. This generally requires either time or very strict procedures.
The Team spirit is built over small wins, accumulating over time.

A good Team must learn to work together and to share victories. This increases the sense of mutual respect and self-confidence and encourages Team members coming up with new ideas and dare to achieve more.

If wins build up Teams, failure generally breaks them Teams apart. No one wants to take the fault, so Team members stop talking to each other at first and from there the road to disaster is pretty short.


Requirements for Good Teamwork

Failure can be prevented by maintaining and grooming three vital ingredients of the Team life:

1. Communication

2. Support

3. Tools

As mentioned above, good communication is fundamental for people to work together successfully.
Communication is the one element without which the Team will break quickly.

On top of that, Team members must support each other. If a Team member tends to point finger to others, that person is no longer a good fit for the Team.
In general, Team members should share a common set of values and they should behave according to the same guiding principles. It is important that each Team member can empathize with the others.
For the long-term success of the Team, personal traits play a role which is more important than technical skills. One should never hire based on skills only as skills can be acquired but behavior is hard to change.

Teamwork is really the key to success. 
With a good Team and good communication, you can do everything.
With Teamwork, they even managed to execute to perfection monumental tasks like straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa !!!

Finally, even the Team built on the best people will not succeed if not given the right tools for the job.
As you would not expect a carpenter to build a house without a hammer, you cannot expect a Team to get its work done without the proper software.
Today there is plenty of tools specifically designed for Team collaboration. Make sure you select one that has good features and then stick with it and have everyone using it effectively.


Use the Right Management Tools

We all need work to be done done quickly and effectively.
Here at Leansite we understand the value of time and information. We want information to flow as quickly as possible in order to make things happen fast and correctly. This is why we incorporated into our application a discussion board packed with many great features.

We made sharing easy so that the Team can focus on its important activities and have a great communication flow without stressing about it.
Leansite features individual discussion boards for each activity, complete with file and image sharing. Everything you write as a comment can be easily found on the "discussion" page and viewed by all your co-workers. This way everyone has always a clear picture and no one is left behind.

We made "communication" easy for you. All you have to do to bring your Team to success is to follow the other two points mentioned above: use the tool and make sure you have a good Team's culture where people respect and support each other.


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