3 Secrets to Excel on Your Construction Project

3 Secrets to Excel on Your Construction Project

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Sunday, 22 January 2017 03:37

A construction Project is more a marathon than a sprint.
You should always keep this in mind if you don't want to end up burned out in the middle of the works. While a good planning helps to see the big picture and to know what is ahead, one can get stuck with micromanagement of small everyday activities.
How do you cope with that?


Excellence is in the details

It is this simple: working on the details upfront will save you lots of headaches later.
This happens mainly as consequence of two of the three important habits described below:

  • practicing good communication;
  • setting right expectations.

According to Brian Tracy (one of the most successful Sales Experts ever lived), the primary goal of a business is to acquire and keep Customers.
Daniel Priestley goes on saying that the way to delight the Customer is to make sure we deliver what we promised.
Grant Cardone wraps it up suggesting that not only you shall deliver what you promised but you shall also give the Client something extra that was not part of the original deal. 

These three giants of Business are telling us that, no matter what kind of Project, no matter how big the Project, we can be successful by delivering what the Client expects to get AND we can excel by delivering a bit more than that.
This will ensure that the Client will be happy and come back for Business... probably with referrals.

Once we are aware of this "trick", all we have to do be strategic about it and to make it part of our plan. It all starts by promising to the Client the right things.

NOTE: a happy Client results in a happy Employer (your employer) and if you make your Employer happy on a consistent basis you are setting yourself on a very promising career path.


1. Create a habit of good Communication

In order to negotiate details, either with Clients or with your own Team, you must communicate with them.
In doing that you get to know better every single person you are dealing with. You have a real chance of understanding how they think and how they react to certain circumstances.
This will prove to be extremely valuable during the course of the construction Project, especially when things get tough.

Create a flow of communication is extremely important.
A good Site Manager or Project Manager should be the node where all communications intersect. As something happens on the site, you should be the first to know. As something happens in your office, you should be the first to know. As something happens on Client's side, you should be the first to know.

At the cost of being rude, you must make this clear to everyone from day one: nothing moves if you are not informed.
Your success depends on good communication. All the information that flows behind your back is potentially harming for the project. You must cut this to ZERO.

Establish the good practice of holding regular project status meetings or calls, but keep them short.
Let your Team know you are there for them. Let your Clients know you are there for them.
It really can become a habit and it should not be seen as an extra hassle.
Your main duty is to manage, not to be busy.
Managing begins with information.
Get the information.

Also, make a habit of continuous planning.
Never think "we have a plan that everyone is following". Yes, you have a plan but that is just a model of an ideal version or reality. Your Project runs in the real World, therefore it is subject to any kind of delay.
Communicating constantly with Clients and with your Team ensures you are informed of any potential risk of delay.


2. Set the right Expectations

The second secret to excellence is dealing with Clients' expectations.
Talking to them regularly is one thing... saying the right stuff is all another story.

You must make sure the Client expects EXACTLY what you are going to deliver.
The best way to do that is having the Client explaining to you what is that you are going to deliver.

Note that this approach can reveal underlying issues. In some cases in fact, the Client could report unrealistic expectations. This can come as result of two things:

  1. your Sales staff has failed to explain properly what is that you are going to deliver;
  2. the Client is trying to squeeze more out of the deal and he is playing dumb on the terms you already agreed.


Note that "the Client misunderstood what is that we are going to deliver", falls under nr. (1). Some Clients just don't get it, but it can never be made their fault... perhaps Sales failed to recognize that that Client was no good for the business.

If your Client is playing nr.(2), it is imperative to set him straight as soon as possible. Failing to do so can result in unpleasant situations.

Good Clients (those you really want to work with) do not play games, so it is fair to say that a good Sales Team will help a great deal your relationship with the Client.
Make sure everyone understands the importance of communication and use that to establish trust and right expectations with the Client.

As Grant Cardone suggests, keep some extra up your sleeve and surprise your Clients with something they did not expect. This can be either something Project related (like delivering the project one week before delivery date) or something fun like tickets to a game or a Spa weekend.

Make sure you Sales Team account this into Project's budget.


3. Use the Right Management Tools

Last, the more people are involved in a Project, the more things tend to go out of control.
Make sure you have a good system in place for managing the project, one that everyone can and will use.

Once the project is started, at Leansite we use Workplan to keep things running smoothly.
Workplan is a tool that visualizes on a kanban board all the activities due on the Project.
Kanban boards are great for Project Management because they can show at glance what is the status of planned activities and what is lagging behind schedule.


leansite workplan


The image above shows a snapshot of a real Workplan.
When using powerful tools as those integrated into the Leansite suite, it easy is to have a clear picture of what is going on on the construction site.

The kanban board comes with a built-in discussion board, so that communication flow is never stopped.
Each activity can have its own thread and participants can share files and pictures directly in the system... nothing ever goes lost (and you don't have to waste time looking for info inside emails or memos).


leansite activity card


Using the right tool can make your life of Site Manager (or Project Manager) much easier. Your Team will benefit as well and the construction Project will run smoothly and with less hiccups.

As a carpenter cannot build a house without a hammer and a saw, you cannot lead a construction Project efficiently without the proper tools.
Finding the right tool for you must be a priority.

We made it very easy for you to jump onboard and try out our outstanding application.

Masterplan, Workplan, Activities, Discussion Board and File Sharing make of Leansite the perfect tool to stay on track. 


leansite app


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