Your Construction Site on a Mobile App? - We Got it Covered

Your Construction Site on a Mobile App? - We Got it Covered

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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 05:34

At the beginning of 2017 mobile applications are widely spread.
By using Mobile Apps, today is possible to run big projects from small devices.
Projects no longer need to be run from the office: working on-site and on the go is now a real option. This gives you more freedom to move and to be closer where things are actually happening.

It also comes with additional benefits...


Increased Productivity 

Mobile Apps are designed to connect people.
By using a Project Management Tool with a Mobile version, you can effectively connect the various parties involved in any construction project, from Architects and Engineers to Project Managers and Workers.
Irrespective of the location, anyone involved in the Project can use the Mobile App to easily view and edit activities, tasks, files and discussions.

Being able to access information on the fly and whenever it is necessary, can considerably speed up the information flow and ease communication at different levels of the Organisation, resulting in getting more done in less time.

Poor communication is one of the most frequent causes of failure for projects. By using an application that lets you share your point of you in real time, you can always be sure that facts are understood for that they are.


Ease of Use 

Mobile Apps have taken over the World.
As a matter of fact, a four-year-old kid is perfectly able to use a Mobile Application (if you have kids you know this).
The learning curve for a well-done Mobile App is very quick and the software can be used by anyone with no particular training.

With Leansite Mobile App we wanted to bring the Leansite experience out of the office and make it possible for everyone involved in the Project to take advantage of this great tool.

Yes, even the unskilled workers can use Leansite Mobile App with no particular training... it is just like using Facebook. 


Higher Quality 

When a Project Manager no longer needs to sit in front a PC screen in order to run the Project, he/she has the opportunity to visit the construction sites more often and to be where the action happens. This results in more control, therefore higher Quality and less mistakes.

When a Worker on-site is able to report a situation as it happens, providing visual feedback in form of images of the scene and relevant comments, the Project Manager is able to act quickly and to take informed decisions. This again results in more control, therefore higher Quality and less mistakes.

If Quality is one of your concerns (and it should be) you should definitely try Leansite.


Less Costs

Last but not least, it all comes down to money.

The later a mistake is discovered and reported, the higher the cost of fixing it. This phenomenon is also known as "error cost escalation through the project life cycle" and it is well known by Project/Site Managers who try to do everything in their power to spot mistakes at the fist opportunity (read more about this on our article about the Site Manager).

Mobile applications make sharing easy and this effectively reduces the possibility of delay in communicating eventual unconformities discovered onsite. 
By making Leansite Mobile, we empowered the workers to share their perspective with Managers. Our Mobile App can truly change the communication speed and effectiveness on your construction site.

Finally, with the addition of the Mobile version, Leansite is now an outstanding application able to deliver excellent result in managing your construction site.
Masterplan, Workplan, Activities, Discussion Board and File Sharing make the application the perfect tool to stay on track. 


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