A Construction Management Software for Sharing Your Thoughts, Photos and Files

A Construction Management Software for Sharing Your Thoughts, Photos and Files

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Tuesday, 27 December 2016 05:20

The World went digital a while ago and, while we still do some things on paper, most of our work assets are stored in digital form. 
Think about documents, specifications, drawings, images... everything is packed down into digital files and conveniently stored in minuscule boxes, ready to be accessed whenever necessary.
Wouldn't it be great to have access to all this while on the construction site?

In 2004 Facebook opened the way to the mass usage of sharing platforms and, today, everyone is capable of sharing information on the web using a PC or a mobile device. No training needed.
Everyone can then get a great benefit from integrating digital sharing in everyday work life.


Discussion Boards for Construction 

We all want things done quickly and effectively.
Here at Leansite we understand the value of time and information. We want information to flow as quickly as possible in order to make things happen fast and correctly.
This is why we incorporated into our application a discussion board packed with many great features. 

leansite discussion board


We managed to fully leverage the new "skill" created by Facebook (the sharing skill) and we brought it to the workplace with the aim to increase Productivity and Quality.

In the Leansite application, discussions are fully integrated into Workplan Activities and everything you write as a comment can be easily found on the "discussion" page and viewed by all your co-workers. This way everyone has always a clear picture and no one is left behind.


Better Communication, better Quality 

The feedback we received from Clients, both from their construction sites and from their offices, is excellent.
People love to share their thoughts on activities and they can fix issues much faster when they have immediate access to photos from the site.

Hybrid solutions just cause waste of time. When it comes to which means of communication to use, Leansite reduced the confusion to zero. 
Several of our Clients were using online "groups" to manage information between site and office, integrating those group services with the help of Dropbox or Drive to share files. This leads to a massive fragmentation of data and information that ultimately result in chaos. We brought clarity.

They all welcomed our SaaS solution and they are enjoying having ONE single platform implementing professional features such as: 

  • Gantt Chart scheduling of Tasks (Leansite Masterplan)
  • Kanban Board of Activites (Leansite Workplan)
  • Discussion Board (Leansite Activities and Discussions)
  • File Sharing (Leansite Files) 


Leansite made the management of construction works lean and simple. All your shared thoughts and files are now in just ONE application.
Always online. Always with you, either in the office or on the construction site... with native support for PC, Tablet and Smartphone!

Discussion boards are a great way to improve communication among your Team. 
Whether it is just comments or files sharing, we got it covered.
Come get your free Leansite trial at https://projects.leansiteapp.com/signup

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